Diversity Seminars

This program was developed originally for peer veterans organizations to assist their staff when identifying with LGBT veterans. The program was well received by outside organizations. Our thanks to the University of Colorado for their assistance in helping us put it together.

As a community outreach, we will now be offering the program to the general public who are interested in finding out more about the LGBT community and to have a better understanding of the LGBT population.


An outline of the program follows:

Phase 1: 2 hours
Introduction to Course
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Kinsey Scale
The Transgender Umbrella
LGBT Youth Statistics
Stages in the “Coming Out” Process” : The Cass Model

Break: 15 mins

Phase 2: 2 hours
Goals and Objectives
Guidelines for Community Allies
Social Justice Issues
Multiple Social Identities in the LGBT Community
Oppression and Discrimination within the LGBT Community
What is an All Inclusive Ally?
Ten Ways Homophobia & Transphobia Affect Straight People
Heterosexual Development Model
Personal Assessment of Homophobia and Transphobia
Ways to fight Homophobia & Transphobia As a Straight Ally
Heterosexual Privileges
Ways to support LGBT Veterans
Ways to support LGBT Employees

Graduation and Presentations:





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