Our programs require your support because without you they wouldn't happen. With expenses always on the increase, and as you know the dollar doesn't go as far.

Because we're an all vounteer organization, we are able to keep costs to a minimum. We feel we need to be as transparent as possible to make you comfortable to donate. So as part of our business plan, below we will try to give you a breakdown of the costs.


Our administration costs vary depending on what we are engaged in.

  • Standard office and printer supplies
  • Brochures to promote events and programs
  • Flyers for fundraising
  • Event fees
  • Displays to promote the programs
  • Instruction Manuals for Staff

Event costs:

  • Hotel expense for participants out of area
  • Facility charge
  • Event Insurance
  • Meals
  • Graduation certificates
  • Display material

We make it easy to donate. When you click on the button you can enter any amount. If you would like to make it a reoccuring monthly donation, just check the box on the form.




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